Author: Robert Groover

If God’s sovereignty chooses us in salvation, does this do away with our free will?

Does God’s sovereignty prevent us from having free will? Who is in control of my eternal destiny?

I pray because I am not just a servant of God, but a son through adoption.

We get so comfortable in doing life, just living that we let life pass us by. At what cost? What lessons are we missing?

No one really warned me about the fight that truly stood before me. I was warned about Satan and his evil desires. I was taught 1 Peter 5:8 were I am to be aware and on guard because my enemy roams around like a lion ready to devour anything in his path. But no one warned me of the man in the mirror looking back at me.

As I sit here reflecting on 2017 and God’s blessings, I can’t help but think of the fads of the culture. My mind goes to the culture of Hollywood, the government, protest popping up about statues, and false narratives from society. One of the things that fascinates me is investing. One of the big and happening […]

As I sit here thinking about the celebrations of Jesus Christ life and death, primarily Christmas and Easter. I can’t help but think about all the people, that this is the few times a year that they cast a shadow on the church doorstep. My heart breaks for these people along with the others that […]

I love this time of year. Jack Forst nipping at your nose through the cold air. The festive lights and decorations that turn the mundane into wondrous things of beauty. The house smells so good from baking cookies, cakes, and other food. Even people seem to be a little better. All dressed in their festive outfits, attitudes are […]

The Star Wars empire was built on the battle of good and evil. Not between men but the battle of the Force that is within us. I promise this is the last (at least for a while) in this trilogy. In the first episode, I left with a final thought where Peter and John are before the […]

In part one, we began a journey looking at good and evil, the force and power that we have inside us. Looking at this force, it amazes me the correlation between Stars Wars and real life. How a certain few learn and can use the force in their lives. Looking at the Jedi's, everyone knows Luke […]

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