Lessons From Two Blind Men

Written by on Apr 19, 2018

In life, we can get stuck in a rut with the day to day task. Doing what is necessary to get by and survive. Our job may not be glamorous or high profile but does meet our needs. Our life does not place us on the “A” list according to the world’s standard. Living and getting by has become the norm for many today. We get so comfortable in doing life, just living that we let life pass us by.

As I was reading today, I got to thinking about Jesus walking on the road and passing two blind men. There are many actions and habits that we can draw from the life of Jesus. All would be beneficial to implement in our own lives and daily habits. But what about the people that Jesus passes in His travels?

These two men are sitting on the sidelines of life. Their day passes like many of the people that walk by them on a daily occurrence, with little interaction. How often do our lives become like these two men? Our life task of survival becomes mundane as we watch others pass us by. There are three lessons’ that we can learn from these men.

Listen to what is happening around us. The world is loud and noisy. We have to be intentional in paying attention to our surroundings. Busyness is a tool of distraction that we all face. Only through intentional actions can we avoid the pitfalls that accompany our busy life. Opportunities can pass us by if we are not being intentional in listening and watching for such possibilities.

Be Bold in our actions. Do not let opportunities pass you by without crying out. Some say that opportunities just drop in your lap. Not to say that doesn’t happen, but many times it is because someone is paying attention to their surroundings. And then seizing on an opportunity. Do not let others silence you. The crowd told these men to shut up and be quiet. Do not believe the lies that you are unworthy or unimportant. You are important to God. These men may have been on the sidelines but Jesus stopped to listen to them.

Ask and don’t be silent. Many times we are presented with opportunities but never speak up. We believe the lies that we are undeserving of what is presented. The men were not silent when Jesus presented them with the opportunity. They spoke up and asked for their sight. Do we speak up when we are put on the spot? Jesus says in Matthew that if we ask, we will receive, seek and you will find. In James, we are told that we do not have because we do not ask.

We may not receive everything we ask for. It may not be the appropriate time or the right opportunity. But that should not stop us from listening and watching what is going on around us. It should never prevent us from being bold and going after opportunities. Definitely, it should never stop us from asking for what we desire. However, we have to make sure that our desires align with what is best for us and in line with what God wants for us.

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