Next time you are heading into one of life’s storms, remember:

I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, that you not stir up or awaken love until it pleases. Who is that coming up from the wilderness, leaning on her beloved? Under the apple tree I awakened you. There your mother was in labor with you; there she who bore you was in labor. Set me […]

If God’s sovereignty chooses us in salvation, does this do away with our free will?

Does God’s sovereignty prevent us from having free will? Who is in control of my eternal destiny?

I pray because I am not just a servant of God, but a son through adoption.

Psalm 19 I read this story and thought it was appropriate. Christmas Eve 1968, three astronauts of the Apollo 8 mission-Bill Anders, Frank Bormann and James Lovell-became the first human beings to orbit the moon.  As they skimmed along the lunar atmosphere in their spaceship, the three explorers beamed back amazing video to earth and to […]

We get so comfortable in doing life, just living that we let life pass us by. At what cost? What lessons are we missing?

Godly living is the result of cultivating the new nature within.

No one really warned me about the fight that truly stood before me. I was warned about Satan and his evil desires. I was taught 1 Peter 5:8 were I am to be aware and on guard because my enemy roams around like a lion ready to devour anything in his path. But no one warned me of the man in the mirror looking back at me.

Robert Groover wrote this outline for one of our shows last year.  I liked it so much I did a lesson on it in our Sunday School Class.  Looking back through my notes on a lesson to put out this week, I thought that since we are starting a new year it is Important to […]

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