Looking at scripture at how to pray, I also see and can define why to pray. Especially for myself. I pray because I am not just a servant of God, but a son through adoption. I can come straight to my Father with my petitions. No need to pray to another or through another, everything is straight to God.

I pray to show my dependence in Him for meeting my needs. All that I have is a gift from God. There is nothing that we have, job, family, that is not from God. I know that I have certain talents and abilities. These assets help me to make money or at least cover my monthly needs. Through humility, I know that these assets are a gift from God to provide for my family. Not on my strength but His.

I pray to tell and show my love for Him. It is not that He doesn’t know it, but still nice to hear it. My wife knows that I love her and that I am devoted to her. I am blessed each time that I show her a little affection,  kiss on the cheek for no particular reason. A hug, just because. The little things that I do saying I love you may not mean much to others but to her, it reaffirms my love to her and means a lot to her. God may know that we love Him, but it is still nice to be told and shown each day.

I pray to show my appreciation to Him. It was long ago that my daughter and son-in-law moved. I was asked to help and was happy to do so. But after days of packing, loading, unloading and unpacking it was finished. It was nice to hear a thank you from my daughter when all was said and done. I knew she loved me, I knew she needed my help but it was still nice to know that my efforts were appreciated. God knows that I love Him, He knows that there is no way I could earn or pay for my salvation on my own. I need His help, grace, and mercy and isn’t it my responsibility to show my appreciation for His help?

I pray as a show of my faithfulness to Him. Christ interceded on my behalf. He left Heaven to walk among men here on earth. He left a place of perfection and entered the world of chaos. He didn’t do this for the righteous but for the sinner. A well man does not need a doctor, only the sick. God does not seek rituals, but true steadfast love and devotion. The least I can do is love my neighbor and intercede through prayer on their behalf.

I pray as a posture of Thanksgiving. I may not understand the answers that I get for the reason behind the answers I get. However, I am thankful for the instruction, mercy, grace, and strength that I am given. God’s plan and will are perfect, my understanding of it is not part of the equation. The only understanding that I need is to know that His plans are for the best and that I am given what I need.

I pray to be obedient and continually devout myself and my house to God. If I miss my prayer time, I can feel the separation grow between God and myself. I pray to keep the connection between us tight and in control. I pray that I may learn God’s will for me and not stray from the path of light He is showing me. I pray to worship and praise Him. I pray to give God the Glory for which He is only worthy.

Many can doubt God and they do. Many can come out against prayer and the will. Those things do not matter to me. I pray and will continue to pray because I know that prayer works.

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